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Second Date

Published by in blowjob · 23/2/2017 10:01:34

The story of my first date that I blogged earlier this week actually happened two weeks ago. This story of my second date occurred two days after that. I have hesitated to publish either one as I was not sure about coming out publicly. That has changed. Now I do not care who knows that I am a "cum slut."
I spent the day after my first date thinking about and literally savoring what happened the previous day. Not wanting to wait, the second day after my first date, I emailed the second gentleman referenced in my first story to see if he was interested in a date. My explanation to him was that I did not want to actually go out for dinner or drinks, but that I simply wanted to meet him so that I could relieve him of some cum. Needless to say he did not hesitate in giving me a positive  response. In fact, stating he could rearrange his current schedule, he asked how soon we could get together. I told him I needed some time to get myself ready but that we could still meet that day. He suggested a time and a place for later in the day and asked if that was time enough to get ready. I stated it was, signed off the computer and eagerly began to make myself as sexy as possible.  Because no one else would probably see me and knowing he was only interested in getting his rocks off, I decided to go completely against the CD "Bible" of dress and act your age. I dressed and made up like a total whore.  My clothes consisted of a very tight T shirt and the shortest of shorts with a pair of 4 inch stilettos. I wore an ankle bracelet but no rings. I wanted nothing to interfere with my hands or mouth.
After getting ready, I drove to our meeting place, which is a local park not frequented much during the day. He was already there when I arrived. I parked a couple of spots away from him on purpose, then got out of my car and sashayed over to his truck as seductively as I could. I must say, I do have a nice feminine walk when in 4 inch heels. He smiled as I opened the door and got in. I asked him if he was horny and he smiled and said look below. When I moved my eyes down to his crotch, he had a very massive hard on. I scooted over to be closer to him, put my hand on his crotch and began rubbing it.  After a few minutes of rubbing his crotch, I undid his belt buckle, unzipped his fly and proceeded to take down his pants past his knees. I was looking at him as I did this and he was grinning from ear to ear.  As soon as his dick popped up, I bent over and almost immediately stuck it in my mouth. I could not begin sucking soon enough. I moved my tongue and mouth around, up, down and also rubbed his balls with my hand. He was indeed horny as it did not take him long to cum at all. As he exclaimed he was ready to let loose, I moved down to the base of his dick and prepared myself. He shot a bigger load than the first date. It was massive and tasted superb. I continued to kiss and lick his dick until he began to get soft. I then thanked him for the opportunity to get him off, told him I enjoyed it (which I REALLY DID) then left.
As I think back, both experiences have definitely change me forever. I can now label myself a cocksucker and am damn proud of it. I only wish I could have started at a much younger age.


Published by in blowjob · 22/2/2017 08:57:45
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