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Retrospect on Dating

Published by in Social · 15/4/2017 09:08:18
Tags: oral

My wife was in rehab the entire month of March. She spent alot of time in therapy, so it was not necessary for me to be at her side the entire time, as long as I kept in contact. During the entire time, I dressed about every other day or so. I averaged three "dates" a week. One a week with my first honey and two with the second. I knew what they wanted and they knew I was more than happy to provide it. I had quickly become a blowjob artist. I thoroughly enjoyed the act as well as the ultimate reward. I have become addicted to semen. Did not know that could happen, but it has. Now that my wife is home and I am unable to get away, I do nothing but think about it. Both gentlemen friends know why we do not meet anymore, but occasionally I will communicate with them. They miss it and so do I. Oh well, **it happens.

Second Date

Published by in blowjob · 23/2/2017 10:01:34


Published by in blowjob · 22/2/2017 08:57:45

Finally, My First Date

Published by in blowjob · 3/12/2016 09:42:10

Continuing (Much) Later

Published by Janyce in Social · 17/4/2016 10:11:20

Coming Out

Published by Janyce in Social · 20/11/2015 21:41:41
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