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This is the web site of a long time cross dresser who goes by the pseudonym Janyce Warren. Janyce has been dressing, on and off,  over thirty five years. She has also been married just shy of forty years. There are no early pictures of Janyce as I did not have the nerve to take any until I obtained a PC and also had Internet access. I did start taking pictures in the late 1990s and early 2000s. However, I suffered a major PC collapse in the later part of 2007. It was then I became frustrated and discouraged. There were over 1000 pictures that I lost. In addition, I lost an earlier version of a web site. Given that neither were adequately backed up, I lost all of the pictures. Because of this, I purged everything and fought the dressing urge for almost three years.
I finally decided to give in to the urge and resumed my hobby around 2010 or so. Since my wife and I are both retired and she does not know of my little hobby, I am limited as to when and how often I can do it. Since resumption, I have accumulated about 400 or so pictures to this point. I will gradually post those to this web site on a periodic basis as I add comments just so I can have fresh and updated information on my site. This will, hopefully, keep it interesting.  I will also add resources as I come accross new or updated ones and check them out to be sure they are clean and useful.
Currently, I am not on many social web sites. As my "other self", I am avoiding Twitter, Facebook and Linked In. I do not want to get my other self mixed up with my birth self. I am and will sign up for alternative life style web sites and let all know which ones as I do.
For now, enjoy what is on here. I hope to add more soon.

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