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About Me


CD Name:                    Janyce Warren

Male Name:                 Uh-Uh (No Way)

Age as of 2014:            Old enough to be retired after working over 45 years

Height:                          5’ 7 “  

Weight:                         Not obese, but about 10% more than it should be for my height

Hair Color:                   What I have is gray as a man. As you note in my pictures, my wigs are red and honey blonde

Eyes:                            Both are brown

Shoe Size:                    10 male, 12 female

Dress Size:                   Large or extra large, depending on manufacturer and whether bought at                                                                                                        
                                  regular store or CD store

Cup Size:                      I order my “chest protrusions” in “C”. I like ‘em big.

Ears:                             Not pierced at present, but that could change as clip on become harder to                                                                        
                                   find (plus clip on pinch)

Genitals:                       Small enough to hide proficiently, but big enough to use when I need or want to

Orientation:                 I have been hetero all of my life. However, as my desire to dress increases,
                                 so do my feminine sexual instincts.                         

TV:                              Except for a sporting event that may pique my interest, I do not watch much.     
                                  I also like Netflix.

Movies:                        Prefer older movies and TV shows

Books:                         I seldom read, but when I do it is usually biography or whodunit.

Music:                          60s and 70s

Food:                           Italian is my favorite, but I also like a good ole southern style breakfast

Sport:                           pro& college football, college basketball (no NBA), baseball, golf

Biggest Turn On:           I’m a CD, what do you think?

Biggest Turn Off:          Narcissism from anyone under any circumstances

Hobby:                         Web surfing, swimming, golf, walking our dogs

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